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I,  was a little girl uninhibited and fearless to say the least. During my teen years, I developed an urgency to write for others in their times of need. I wrote for them in several cases. If a friend or love one were experiencing a loss rather it was through  a job, losing a loved one, bad  relationships, or perhaps they're just needing encouragement, I extended my writing to them. Whatever their despair was, I wanted to write to make their lives and situations better. As an adult my own personal challenges, loss, disappointments and rejections,  has been collaborated into poetry to help my readers understand, that life happens to us all. My poems are intentional in the fact that I do not mind being transparent. Reading Hidden in These Words, one will experience healing and conquering the spirit of fear. I've been there, hurt pain , disappointments, and negative encounters. In this book I summon you to come up higher and explore some of life's lessons with me. Hidden in These Words will release the secrets in how one may free themselves from themselves and how broken pieces become jewels.

Hidden in These Words

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