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"There isn't anything Lisa can't do. She sings, she writes and you feel her poetry in your bones!" 

      During her teen years, Lisa developed an urgency to write for others in their times of need.  She wrote for them on several occasions.   If a friend or loved one was experiencing a loss, whether it was a job, a loved one, a lover or a friend, she put herself in their place and wrote to reflect their feelings.  When they needed encouragement, Lisa extended her writing to them. Whatever their despair was, she wanted to write to make them feel better.   When you see a reflection of your pain in the words of someone else, it helps you deal with it just knowing that you are not suffering alone.  The situation may remain, but you can deal with it better until the pain subsides.

      As an adult, dealing with her own personal challenges, losses, disappointments, and rejections, Lisa wrote a great number of poems.  The words flowed out of her easily like water.  She was encouraged by friends and family to continue writing and to publish her poems.  Now “Lady Lisa” has collaborated with a publisher to put her poems into a book.  She wants her readers to understand that life happens to us all.  

Aside from her poetry Lady Lisa loves to sing.  She grew up in the church singing.   That’s another gift of hers that has yet to be blended into her poetry.  Now Lady Lisa has finally come out as a spoken word artist.  This is a new phase in her life that she is now embracing after years of reflection. 

Excerpts from Lady Lisa's Poems

"I am a Boyman, expected to be powerful, magical, your strength, your gain, and your worth. However there's a boy inside of me that is trapped, you see he will come out eventually. I try to love and be strong." - Excerpt from Boyman

"Viruses, Lord you've prophesied this. We are all on the hit list. If we do not abide by your word and live by it, we all could die from it." - Excerpt from Viruses

"My braids are laid. I paid, I played. you watch, you stare, Don't come near. They tell a story I wear my glory." - Excerpt from Braids

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